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Frequently Asked Questions

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What causes damp and mould problems?

Mould is caused by excessive moisture. While the cause of mould and damp is very simple (water where it shouldn’t be), actually finding the source of that moisture can be much easier said than done. That’s why professional mould detection services are invaluable. By using experience gained over many years, we can isolate and inspect the most common causes of damp.

Damp can arise from many different sources, such as:

  • Leaking pipework and guttering
  • Rising damp from basements/ground floors
  • Roof damage, such as leaking tiles
  • Poorly sealed doors and windows
  • Excessive condensation due to poor ventilation
  • Plus many more potential areas

How do you solve damp problems?

Solving damp problems involves first isolating the cause of the issue. When you have that isolated, you can fix it. So for example, if your damp problem is caused by poorly fitting or ageing window seals, the solution is to treat the existing damp and replace the problem seals to avoid the issue happening again.

There’s no “one size fits all” approach to damp control. It very much depends on your property and the exact issues that you’re facing. That’s why contacting an experienced and versatile team like Damp Mould Solutions Ltd is so essential. We can provide a thorough examination of your property to determine exactly where your damp, mould, or mildew problems stem from. With that, we can determine the best way to solve those problems.

Are damp problems potentially harmful?

The simple answer is yes, and the NHS advice is to get the issue isolated and rectified as soon as possible.

Not everyone reacts to damp problems the same way. For some, it may just be a case of an unpleasant and slightly stale odour. For others, however, it can severely irritate any existing respiratory problems they may have, such as asthma. Not only respiratory issues are affected, however, as damp issues can also cause flareups among people with skin issues, like eczema, or those who have a weakened immune system.

That means if you, or anyone you live with, is either:

  • A child
  • Elderly
  • Has respiratory issues
  • Suffers with skin issues
  • Has a weakened immune system resulting from treatments such as chemotherapy

It becomes essential for you to get your damp problem isolated and treated as soon as possible. Condensation and damp issues can have wide-reaching consequences, and the sooner you begin treating the cause of damp and mould problems, the less damage it can do.