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Ventilation System Servicing

Damp and Mould Solutions are a skilled domestic ventilation products servicing and maintenance team. A survey will establish the manufacturer, model and setup of your ventilation system installed in your property. We provide the best service packages to ensure clean indoor air quality for your home. We service MVHR’s, extractor fans and positive input ventilation systems.

A survey will establish best suited ventilation requirements for your property. Services options available below.

Our Ventilation Maintenance Services

Option 1 Standard Service
  • New Filters
  • Clean and sanatise room air valves
  • Recommission airflow/system
  • Clean units and motors
  • Clean heat exchanger
Option 2 Comprehensive Service
  • All standard
  • Replacement filters replaced in 9 months
Option 3 Premium Service
  • All comprehensive servicing
  • 3 year annual service package