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Damp Proofing in Finchley

If you live in Finchley or North Finchley and are suffering damp, contact our damp proofing experts as soon as possible. Damp and Mould Solutions is a London-based damp proofing company that provides effective damp proofing solutions to both commercial and residential properties. With over 15 years of experience providing some of the best damp treatments to homes of various ages, you can be confident that you will receive some of the best damp treatments on the market. If left uncontrolled, damp can wreak havoc on a property, so contact damp proofing specialists in Finchley as soon as possible.

What Are the Indications of Damp?

If your property is suffering from moisture, you may notice a number of symptoms. One of the most noticeable is moist spots on the walls. However, there are several more danger signals that you may notice in your N2 house.

Peeling wallpaper, rusting nails on skirting boards, and salt stains are all potential symptoms of damp in your Finchley home. Many times, symptoms of moisture will not be detected until you are selling or purchasing a house or business property, but it is critical to know what to check for before more significant issues like woodworm, dry rot, and wet rot develop.

If you live in N2, N3, or N12, we can give you with a variety of damp remedies to address most types of damp. Rising damp, penetrating damp, and condensation are the three main types of damp that can impact a house, and each needs to be managed differently. Damp is frequently caused by degradation of a building, high ground levels, or simply poor ventilation, and we can fix all of these.

Water infiltration can be remedied with a variety of damp proofing products, including membranes, injections, and, in rare situations, the installation of a remedial damp proof course. Our highly skilled experts will conduct a free damp survey, which will include a comprehensive check for the exact amount of any damp within your house, possibly including searching under floors where accessible and locations that may be ideal for damp.

Expert Advice on Damp Proofing for Finchley properties

Our damp proofing specialists in Finchley are proud of their speedy and cost-effective damp services. We serve a wide range of buildings, and with damp potential of causing major problems in any type of property, you can be confident that when you work with Damp and Mould Solutions, you will always receive a thorough free damp survey, as well as a rapid and professional service.