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Expert condensation control services

Do you have problems with condensation?

With as many as one in five properties in the UK having a problem with condensation, it’s no surprise that your home may have the same problem. As a significant and common reason for damp problems in buildings, houses and flats, condensation can easily lead to long-term health issues, damage to property and other issues if left unchecked.

How does condensation appear?

Condensation is caused by two specific elements working together: lack and ventilation and lifestyle choices. Many of our daily activities produce moisture, from boiling the kettle to taking a shower to drying clothes. If there is nowhere for that moisture to go, it’s stuck inside with us, leading to the visible effects and long-term problems with condensation. Double and triple glazing and draft proofing may make our homes warmer in the winter, but they also leave no way for that moisture to get out of our homes through air ventilation.

What are the tell-tale signs of condensation?

You can usually spot condensation on windows and mirrors when it first appears. Water droplets on these surfaces, as well as on walls or ceilings, are perfect examples of condensation. While a bit of condensation now and then is unlikely to cause long-term harm, the longer that moisture is trapped, the more damage it can do. Often, you won’t notice the effects of condensation in your household until you spot damp or black mould growing on your windows, walls, or ceilings. In some cases, peeling wallpaper and pain can suggest that your walls are becoming too damp from condensation in the air. If you spot any of these tell-tale signs, it’s important to act. Leaving a condensation problem to become worse can quickly lead to larger damp and mould problems, which in turn can lead to health issues and damage to your belongings.

How do you stop condensation?

The best way to stop condensation forming is to have good condensation control. Investing in a whole condensation control unit can be an effective way to allow moisture to leave your home without reducing warmth or causing drafts in living spaces. Investing in a professional mould and condensation service can help to improve the air quality in your home. We’re the experts when it comes to removing the cause of condensation, leaving your home free of additional moisture that can lead to poor health and damp issues.

How do you control condensation in dwellings?

For homes of all shapes and sizes, effective condensation control is a must to avoid damp issues. This is especially important in bathrooms, kitchens, and other spaces where high moisture levels cause excess condensation. Condensation control systems can be an effective way to pull the condensation from the air in your home, leaving it dry and damp-free. When you’re less likely to ventilate by opening windows in the colder months, having appropriate condensation control is even more important. If you own a multi-unit property or live in a flat or apartment, seeking professional help is the ideal choice to remove problems with condensation effectively. Multi-dwelling properties often have issues with damp, in part due to lifestyle and in part due to poorer ventilation. Our specialised team can support you in creating a condensation control system to effectively displace and dilute moisture-laden air.

How do you control condensation in a building?

For commercial buildings and industrial properties, it’s equally as important to handle condensation as it is within a dwelling. Condensation in offices and public facilities can worsen in the cold months, particularly if draft-exclusion measures are in place. You may also find that older buildings have windows painted shut and lack proper ventilation to prevent condensation and dampness. To effectively remove condensation, professional condensation control can give you the best solution. A condensation control unit can draw moisture from the air, reducing overall humidity and preventing damp throughout buildings of any shape and size. Our expert technicians are on-hand to pick the ideal solution for your building, whether it’s a large-scale property or a small office.

Will ventilation stop condensation?

Air ventilation is a crucial way to prevent condensation in your home or building. By providing moisture with a way to leave a property, you’re avoiding a build-up of damp, humid air. For many modern homes, inbuilt ventilation is the new standard. But for older properties or those with poor ventilation, installing an entirely new condensation control ventilation system is the ideal choice.

Need help with condensation, mould, or damp problems?

If you’ve seen condensation gathering in your home, the best thing you can do is place your property in the hands of industry professionals. With extensive experience in handling condensation control for properties of all shapes and sizes, our team at Damp and Mould Solutions will ensure your condensation issue is resolved quickly and effectively.

If you have damp or mould in your home, our goal is to strike at the root of the problem. As condensation is a crucial cause of these problems, we’ll ensure your home has the ventilation and condensation control needed to prevent the reoccurring issues. From there, we can tackle active mould and damp issues to leave your home like new.

Are you struggling with condensation, or have you got an ongoing mould problem you can’t get rid of? We’re here to help. Get in touch with our friendly team today to discuss how we can solve your condensation problem for good.