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Mould Removal

Professional black mould removal services

Learn more about effective mould remediation services from Damp and Mould Solutions.

Are you struggling with black mould in your property?

When left unchecked, black mould can have a severe impact on your health and your belongings. With black mould found in many homes across the UK, seeking specialist advice and professional services are the best way to remove mould quickly and effectively. Damp and Mould Solutions delivers a high-quality mould removal service, utilising technical equipment to ensure thorough, complete mould removal with no delay. Get in touch with our team today to find out more.

Not sure how to get rid of black mould?

It may be tempting to DIY black mould removal with kits and solutions you can buy in the supermarket. But when it comes to serious black mould problems, or consistent, returning mould, seeking the advice of a professional is the best thing you can do. Not removing all airborne mould particles and mould spores can quickly lead to mould returning following removal. A specialist service ensures all bases are covered for comprehensive mould cleaning from the start.

How to identify black mould in your property

Unsure if black mould is a problem for your property? Here are a few key signs that you need a mould removal service as soon as possible:

Damp, musty smells in your home

If your walls, ceiling, or floors smell damp and musty, this can be a key indicator of a black mould problem that you can’t yet see. That overwhelming smell can mean mould from condensation or leaking plumbing is trapped somewhere in your home, releasing spores and worsening the problem over time.

Coughing and poor health when inside

Headaches, coughing and generally feeling under the weather are all effects of mould spores. If you feel sick when you’re at home but completely fine when outside or elsewhere, this can indicate a potential mould problem. It’s important to get your property checked for your health as soon as you possibly can.

The appearance of dark patches on walls, ceilings, and windowsills

Tell-tale dark mould patches of creeping mould around skirting boards and windowsills strongly indicate an active mould problem. You may need to pull furniture out or move fixtures and fittings to find mould, as everyday objects can easily hide it. If mould isn’t caught early, it can cause direct damage to your belongings, from shoes and clothes to furniture and books.

What should you do about black mould when you find it?

If you believe you have a black mould problem in your home, leaving it to grow is the worst thing you can do. When you find mould, you should follow these steps below to seek fast, effective removal:

Ventilate the area well

Lack of ventilation leads to condensation, which is a key cause of black mould. If possible, ventilate the area well to prevent spread while you seek expert help. This may mean continually running an extractor fan, opening windows, or keeping your door open where possible.

Hire a professional mould remediation service

Once you’ve ventilated to prevent mould spores from becoming trapped in your home, the next step is to contact a trained professional. Damp and Mould Solutions has extensive experience in mould remediation services, allowing us to act quickly with the best equipment to resolve mould issues.

Put in new measures to prevent mould

To prevent mould from returning, you may need to improve ventilation or measures to reduce that risk. Our specialist team would be happy to advise you or your landlord on constructive ways to prevent black moulds, such as installing vents, a new extractor fan, or other ways to reduce the need for repeat black mould cleaning services.

Hire Damp and Mould Solutions for a professional mould removal service

Our friendly, professional team are the ideal choice of mould removing service in London. Call our specialist team today if you’re struggling with mould or you think you’ve spotted the early signs of mould within your walls. We’ll arrange a survey on-site as soon as possible, allowing us to eradicate any signs of mould carefully and effectively. With exceptional reviews online and plenty of happy customers, we’re the ideal choice for black mould removal near you.

Frequently Asked Mould Questions

What causes mould?

Mould is caused by an excess of moisture that becomes trapped within a space. Any water can be a source of mould, from rising damp in a property’s foundations to water leaks. Condensation is a common cause of black mould, particularly in winter, where many households reduce ventilation by closing windows and doors.

What conditions does mould thrive in?

Mould can grow and multiply to excess in moisture-rich conditions with poor ventilation. Warmth and humidity can worsen pre-existing mould, but it’s not just the mould you see that can be an issue. Lack of ventilation in basements, attic spaces, drywall, ceilings, and floor spaces can quickly lead to invisible mould that you’ll smell before you see.

Does mould always come back?

With the proper professional care and treatment, mould isn’t something that always comes back. If ventilation is a problem, you or your landlord may need to carry out specific changes to reduce the risk of repeat mould problems in the future.

What health problems and risks are associated with mould?

Mould is considered a Category 1 risk, defined by the HHSRS, or Housing Health and Safety Rating System. This means that the presence of mould is as severe as asbestos and can cause serious harm over time. Health problems associated with damp, mouldy indoor spaces include upper respiratory issues, headaches, and potential allergic reactions.

Does my landlord need to remove mould?

If you are a tenant with a mould problem in your property, your landlord is required to clear it professionally as part of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1998. Our team works with landlords across London to clear mould from properties ready to be let out, as well as removing mould from the homes of long-standing tenants. Get in touch with us today to find out more.